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Days ago Mic.e Snider, the woman behind the camera who confronted a fellow white woman after sheed the police on her husband and his .Days ago The woman, nicknamed on the internet as “BBQ Becky,” was paro.d on Sa.ay Night Live.. BBQ Becky, also known as White Womaning the Cops, refers to a series of p.oshop memes of a woman in sungl.esing the police .Days ago The woman at the center of a whoed police on two black men barbecuing in Oakland s Lake Merritt has become a memeed “BBQ .

If BBQ Becky abused the law, then she should be held accountable the same way she wanted the Black folks at the barbecue held accountable.. A white woman who complained to police about a black family’s BBQ has turned into a memeed ‘BBQ Becky’.The “woman on the phone meme,” as some areing it, arose after a of a white womaning the police on two black men in Oakland, California, surfaced online . Jennifer Schulte has been identified as the woman whoed the police on black people barbecuing at an Oakland park in a that became the “BBQ Becky.

What’s races Beckyed the police on a man barbecuing in a park in Oakland California oh my.In response to BBQ Becky, Oakland had an epic barbecue..”BBQ Becky” has turned into a popular online meme in recent weeks, in which she is p.oshopped into both historical and modern p.ographs, .BBQ BECKY see y’all sa.ay in marietta. GIANT BEEF RIBS and Brisket AMERICAN FOOD BBQ at Little Miss BBQ in Phoenix, AZ!.

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